Photo of the Garden of Hope and Healing located in Bryn Mawr.
Garden of Hope and Healing

BMNA Community Project Grants

The Community Projects program has been in place for over a decade. Each year we ask neighbors to suggest projects that improve livability and safety in Bryn Mawr. These projects are mainly supported with sweat equity and donations, with a small contribution from association dollars.

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Photo of street outside Cuppa Java in Bryn Mawr.
Photo by: Jay Peterson

BMNA Strategic Projects

The BMNA has initiated several strategic projects to take a long-term view of the neighborhood. These include developing a twenty-five-year plan and working to understand neighborhood land use.

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BMNA has long participated in the City’s Neighborhood

Photo of Minneapolis skyline taken from Bryn Mawr Meadows park.
Photo by: Jay Peterson

Revitalization and Community Participation programs that seek to provide substantial funding to boost all the neighborhoods in the City. These programs provide a substantial and important source of funding to allow BMNA to initiate and maintain it’s activities, events, and programs within the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program, or NRP, is winding down and only one or two more draws of funds remain for Bryn Mawr. However, the Community Participation Program, or CPP, is still active and $75,000 of funding is still available to BMNA during the 2017-2019 period, upon which we have not yet needed to draw.

The City’s Neighborhood and Community Relations dept (NCR) is the organization that oversees these programs and is in the process of investigating and putting together a proposal to the City Council, with extensive neighborhood input, to continue with a similar replacement program in 2020 and beyond.

Details on the Neighborhoods 2020 program, background and preliminary findings are here:

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Photo of Light Rail Train.


Minneapolis and the Metro Council is in a long-term process to improve transportation for our citizens (see Transportation 2040.) A main impact to Bryn Mawr is the development of the Southwest LRT (Green Line Extension) and also the development of the Bottineau Line (Blue Line Extension). The BMNA has been an active participant and proponent of these projects through participation on committees and through neighborhood advocacy for many years

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Photo of sign for Bryn Mawr Park (Bryn Mawr Meadows).
Photo by: David Wheaton

Park Board Projects

The Minneapolis Park Board is in the middle of creating 25-year plans for all of its parks. Most Bryn Mawr parks are included in their North Service Area. The BMNA has representatives on this project, which includes the Bryn Mawr Meadows and Bassett Creek Park.

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Photo of Bryn Mawr sidewalk outside businesses.
Photo by: Jay Peterson

City-wide Projects

The BMNA has representation on several projects that are city-wide. These links provide detailed information on the Neighborhoods 2020 project and demographics on Bryn Mawr.

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