Welcome to our Bryn Mawr members page

If you live or have a business within the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood, we’d love to have you join us and make the neighborhood the best place to live in the metro area. About 25-35% of our funding to invest in the neighborhood comes from individual donations, so please consider supporting your Association. Member participation does not require a donation.

If you are so gracious as to support us financially, you will next be taken to PayPal to do so. (A PayPal account is not required.) Information you provided on this page should be sent to PayPal, but occasionally glitches occur and you may have to re-enter it there.

You may also mail a contribution to:

Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association

2915 S Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55405

or drop your contribution at the Bryn Mawr Market (ask them to put it in the community box).

BMNA is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible.