About Our Parks

Known locally as “a neighborhood within a park”, Bryn Mawr is bordered on all sides by parks and green space. These include Bassett Creek and Bassett Creek Park on the north, Bryn Mawr Meadows Park on the east, Theodore Wirth Park on the west and Cedar Lake along with the Kenilworth Corridor grassland area on the east and south.

The neighborhood is also within walking distance of a number of beautiful, inner-city lakes – Brownie Lake, Cedar Lake, and Wirth Lake. Neighborhood residents can enjoy both the recreational activities and natural beauty that these parks, lakes, and green areas bring to our life in Bryn Mawr.

The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, the oldest public wildflower garden in the country, is right on the border of the neighborhood and it’s back gate can be reached by a short walk through a small woods from the neighborhoods northwest boundary.


A history of the Minneapolis Park Board’s properties is available here:
Which contains details on all of our nearby green areas including Wirth Park  (including the Wildflower Garden and the Quaking Bog), Bassett’s Creek ValleyPark, Brownie Lake, Bryn Mawr Meadow Park, and Cedar Lake.

Within our parks, green spaces, and adjacent parkways, the neighborhood is also blessed with a confluence of bicycle trails and walking paths. These include the Luce Line trail that traverses east-west through Bassett Creek Park and will take you to Medicine lake and the north Lake Minnetonka area, the Grand Rounds trail adjacent to Theodore Wirth Parkway which will take you north to Victory Parkway and South to the Chain of Lakes, the Cedar Lake Regional Trail which will take you through Hopkins and down into Eden Prairie to the southwest and to downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi to the northeast, and finally the Kenilworth Trail which will take you past the east side of Cedar Lake and connects to the North Cedar Lake Trail to Eden Prairie.

See: http://www.exploreminnesota.com/pedal-mn/trails-routes/ for detailed maps.