NOTICE: Join us in downtown Bryn Mawr for our annual Sip and Stroll, October 13th at 6pm!

The 8th Annual Bryn Mawr Sip and Stroll!

Come and celebrate the great businesses in our neighborhood. Thursday, October 13, 6-8:30 PM. Don't miss the fun.

Participating businesses offer beverages, appetizers, or a discount of some kind.

This event is similar to an open house. Stop by anything between 6 - 8:30 pm and see what the business owner has to offer. This year, in an effort to encourage neighbors to visit all of the participating businesses, neighbors will carry a punch card and have it initialed at each business they visit.

Upcoming Events

Bryn Mawr Harvest Dinner

  • November 17, 6PM
  • Bryn Mawr Elementary School

Anwatin Craft Fair

  • December 8, 5PM
  • Anwatin Middle School


  • December 10, 7PM
  • Downtown Bryn Mawr
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