History of NRP

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) was created in 1990 by the City of Minneapolis to give citizens the opportunity to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Funds are granted to neighborhood associations who draft formal action plans describing how they will spend the money to improve their area of the city. Neighborhood Associations are required to submit those plans for approval to the NRP Policy Board and Minneapolis City Council, and must see to it that the approved plans are administered and implemented.

Phase 1 Action Plan: Minneapolis NRP allocated $713,000 to the Bryn Mawr neighborhood for the various strategies outlined in the NRP Phase 1 Action Plan. The Phase 1 Action Plan grew out of the Bryn Mawr Comprehensive Plan, which many neighbors contributed to writing over a period of years. Implementation of the NRP Phase 1 Action Plan began in early 1998. Click here for more information on Phase 1.

Phase 1 Progress Report

Phase 2 Action Plan: Bryn Mawr began writing its Phase 2 Neighborhood Action Plan in January 2005 and, thanks to the work of numerous neighbors, the plan was completed and approved by the NRP Policy Board and Minneapolis City Council in March 2006. Click here for more information on Phase 2.

You can learn more about the history and purpose of the NRP please email jay.peterson@bmna.org.

For Bryn Mawr, the NRP has been helpful in enabling us to enhance the neighborhood’s charm, character and quality of life. In order for the NRP to work, however, neighbors must participate as committee members or volunteer on projects to implement the action plan strategies. The following committees are always looking for new members, so please consider offering your time and energy on in one of the following areas:

Identifies and addresses issues with housing quality and affordability, particularly as affordability relates to low income and senior population groups.

Downtown Bryn Mawr
Works to enhance the experience of visiting the downtown Bryn Mawr area via signage, landscaping and greenery.

Parks & Recreation Committee
Identifies and addresses issues with Bryn Mawr’s surrounding parks system.

Identifies and addresses issues with Bryn Mawr’s school-related issues.

Traffic & Transportation
Works with city, county and MnDOT on a variety of transportation issues, including traffic calming, pedestrian safety, access to mass transit and the greening of our streets.

Works with the city, county and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board to protect the environment, create community gardens or otherwise enhance green space.