Contact Information for Community Schools

Bryn Mawr Elementary (PreK-5)
252 Upton Avenue South

Bryn Mawr Elementary PTA website:

Minneapolis Kids School-age Childcare (at Bryn Mawr School)

Anwatin Middle School (6-8) International Baccalaureate & Spanish Dual Immersion
256 Upton Avenue South

Anwatin Community Education


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Bryn Mawr is represented by Bob Walser, District 4,

BMNA School Committee 

The BMNA School Committee meets 3 times a year, in September, January and May. Meetings are public and printed in the Bugle calendar.

The Purpose of the Committee as stated in the NRP plan

  1. To increase cooperation between Mpls Parks and Recs Board and Mpls Public Schools
  2. To increase safety of schools and enhance existing playground
  3. To support Bryn Mawr Elementary and Anwatin Middle Schools and ECFE
  4. To support Minneapolis Kids and Sports Arts program
  5. To provide a framework to facilitate discussion about the educational choices offered to the families in the neighborhood.
  6. To act as informed advisors to the BMNA on educational issues affecting the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood.
  7. To help the BMNA Executive Board execute the NRP plan as it relates to schools.

The BMNA School Committee requests that those wishing support from the BMNA School Committee or requesting action on an issue of concern follow the process outlined below.

  • Complete an Issue Preview statement.
  • Submit the issue preview prior to a school committee meeting.
  • Be available to discuss the issue with the committee.

Purpose for Issue Previews:

Issue previews will aid school committee members in understanding an issue before hearing it at a committee meeting.

Reviewing Issues

  • Review written documentation of the issue. Committee member will have access to written copies of the Issue Preview prior to meetings, if possible. Further documentation prior to hearing an issue may be requested.
  • Hear the issue at a school committee meeting, Ask clarifying questions, and gain a perspective from the presenter’s point of view.
  • Discuss the issue as a committee.


  • Form a sub committee if needed, or determine another course of action.
  • If a sub committee is created, present recommendations to the school committee for consensus.
  • Bring recommendations from the school committee to the BMNA Board

Co-Chair Lynda Shaheen



City of Minneapolis Curfews


Age Sunday-Thursday Friday-Saturday
Under 12 9pm 10pm
12-14 10pm 11pm
15-17 11pm Midnight